Welcome to Soulcare Mobile wallet
NFC is a standards-based short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes your smartphones, wearables, tablets and other devices even smarter. Sample Link
The future of transactions is here
NFC Smart Posters are stored on NFC Forum Tags allowing a connection to NFC enabled smartphones or smartwatch’s everywhere. Sample Link
The Internet of Things promises a world in which physical objects of all kinds
from household systems to health monitors — are able to collect and exchange data. Sample Link

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Welcome to Soulcare Mobile Wallet 

A Soulcare Mobile Payment Application and Loyalty solution...

A Social Sharing website and information centre for our Mobile Wallet application...

Enjoy our Community Social Sharing features of a new Mobile Payment Solution for all to share what they have experienced via our Social site. The Social Sharing it NOT active yet, but we will keep you posted. Soulcare Mobile Wallet will be available soon...

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Ready to turn our website into a Commmunity of happy members?

Enjoy Soulcare Community Social Forum, featuring awesome sharing ficilities of your Mobile Wallet experience.

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Beautiful Design combined with delicate functionality

Enjoy Soulcare Mobile Wallet Social Site, featuring an awesome design and one of the best Social Platforms and Mobile Wallet Applications. 

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Fully Responsive (mobile-friendly) Social Lifestyle program

Enjoy the benefits of Soulcare Lifestyle rewards, featuring all the various online partners, via our websites and social media. 

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What makes our Mobile Payment so special?

24 Dec 2012 at Lizl

Soulcare solutions connect physical and digital assets via mobile to enable mobile payments, and to drive consumer engagement, retail sales and loyalty

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App. Transactions in Record Time

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Consumer can download the application from an app store or via our website.

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Lifestyle Rewards Program


We have a build-in Lifestyle Rewards program that rewards you for the speding via our Soulcare Partners

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Join our thrilling community members.

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